Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sometimes the cure is just as frustrating as the disease!

January has basically sucked for me health wise.  First, the asthma flare and the Prednisone.  Now a UTI and Cipro.

Let me tell you why Cipro sucks.

  • No Caffeine (It amplifies the effects or something like that)
  • No food with calcium in a 4 hour window of taking a dose
What does this mean?  Well, my coffee with creamer, cereal, oatmeal and milk has gone out the window.  So for a week it's toast with jam and juice.  Maybe hash browns and sausage.

It's 8:30 on day 1.  I have no coffee.  Which makes me rather sad!!  I guess we're hitting a grocery store today.

So yeah, the diet and exercise thing?  It's not going so well.  I guess I'll simply do the best I can until I get everything sorted out!

1 comment:

S.A. said...

Oh no! Do you have criptosporidiosis?!

I hope you get well soon! xx