Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Because I mention him: The Spousal Equivalent

Some people were rather shocked that I got into a relationship so quickly after my marriage ended. I didn't PLAN it! It happened. it felt right. And I have not a single regret.

Yes, he's a decade younger. That doesn't bother me much. We're living together, but that was more necessity than design. He's gainfully employed. He puts up with me when things weigh heavily on my brain. He also has a cat (which I'm allergic to) He loves my dog (which can be difficult, she's a brat). We've already meshed our lives together. It's wonderful.

Why is he a Spousal Equivalent? I'm recently divorced. He's still married to his ex wife (whom he left more than 3 years ago). After all of this I realized that marriage is more than the legal piece of paper. We don't need to get legally tangled. We don't need the church and the decorations (though at some point I'd love to have a "wedding" reception. My last one was a FUN party!)

Though a wedding registry would be MOST useful!!

Love you John!

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