Friday, November 5, 2010

Succeed and Fail

I decided to stop today and think about success verses failure.

For years as a teacher, I was constantly told that I was a failure. I failed to control my classroom. I failed to meet benchmark standards. I failed to be consistent. I failed to differentiate my lessons. I lived in fear of the new thing that I'd fail. I failed for four years, in three different schools. Finally, I failed to find another position, and I was no longer a teacher.

I then failed to keep an orderly house. I failed to find a new job. I failed at my marriage.

But where did I succeed?

I succeeded in getting divorced. I succeeded in putting on an amazing convention. I succeeded in finding, and holding onto a new relationship. I succeeded in getting my apartment to a place where I can maintain it. I have succeeded in having a cute puppy. I have succeeded in mostly maintaining my sanity in all of this.

I think it evens out.

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Unknown said...

Marriage is a two way street.