Monday, November 22, 2010


This morning I had School Pride playing on Hulu. I've noticed that in most of these schools that are renovated, the students wear uniforms.

I've worked at schools that have considered uniforms, and I've seen parents debate it. heck, we debated it in my house.

I've heard from people that uniforms are impractical, expensive and stifle individualism. I don't know what uniforms the people that call them impractical are looking at (Japanese school girl uniforms, maybe). Most school uniforms are khaki pants and a polo shirt with a logo. Can you wear these items outside of school? Yes. it's khaki pants! I know Walmart and Target both have unifiorm sections on their websites, and most kids that receive free lunches can get free uniforms.

As for stifling individuality, I don't know. There are ways to accessorize without breaking dress code. And besides, in the real working world you basically wear a uniform to work every day (business suit, business casual, a shirt with your name on it).

Uniforms, and taking pride in wearing the right thing, helps kids with the confidence to succeed. And besides, with a strict uniform dress code, teachers won't have to look at kids underwear anymore!

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