Sunday, November 28, 2010

Because it was just that good... last night's dream

I was going to a high school, which takes place on the Hogwarts Express. I'm wandering through the cars, looking for the showers. After crawling for what seemed like hours, I found the Catholic School shower (Where people were also painting shadow boxes). I'm finally showering, when Rachel Berry (from Glee) takes my freshly painted blue and purple shadow box, insisting that we need to hurry up! That we need to find new Glee members. I snag a uniform, that looked more like Dorthy's outfit from the Wizard of Oz and put it on (It stuck to my wet skin) and leave the shower room. I then go to the next room, where there were auditions for a Hong Kong action film.

Then Misty woke me up.

Now, apparently I need to shower.

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