Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some mornings, you should just go back to bed

I had one.

My story starts yesterday afternoon, when the apartment maintenance people come to look at the moldy closet (called them about it twice). This is from the loose tiles in the shower (this has been reported three times), they say. Have you reported it before? I guess the apartment company got new maintenance people. They are actually REALLY on the ball with stuff now! They said they'd be by the next day to do a mold treatment in the bathroom (1 of 2), and to put the pets in a bedroom.

Cue this morning. While all the stuff in the shower organizer was hitting me in the head, the puppy was relieving herself on the pee-pee pad we keep in the living room. (Very good girl!).

I get the interview suit on, do the hair, take the dog out, lock everyone up in the computer room, and am off to get my shoes on when....


I step in the puddle of pee. Seriously, there was at least two bladder-fulls in there! I have a wet foot, and the bottom of my pants are wet. I hobble into the kitchen and try to clean myself up.

I get out the door... and to Williamsburg.. where I nearly run over an elderly couple who were taking their morning walk in the middle of the road.

Oh, and I left my phone at home.


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