Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm going to give myself an ulser

Today the money issues that we've been having came to a head. The Spousal Equivalent (SE) got the REALLY nasty "Pay us NOW" call. I then spent the next fifteen minutes sobbing. I've been crying off and on all day, so I blame hormones.

But money is the single biggest stress in my life. The SE is employed. I'm underemployed. We have issues making ends meet., like many Americans these days. I can't find a good job, despite dozens of interviews and thousands of applications. The feedback I keep getting is that I'm grossly over qualified (Actually, my BA overqualified me for many things). Cue the guilt if I take a day off of job searching.

I end up with $20 extra a week. Last week I got some food with a friend and spent just over $10. Cue the guilt when a few things cleared and I went into the negatives. Hell, I put $20 on my Starbucks card a month ago and I feel guilty about it still.

It's easy to tell me not to stress out about it. It's HARD not to. No wonder my blood pressure is so high.

I think one of my goals for the holiday is to de-stress. Or attempt to.

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