Thursday, November 18, 2010

Loetards are evil!

I went to ballet last night. Unlike the last class I went to, this class didn't leave me unable to move. But parts of the class were really hard. Not physically. Mentally.

In a ballet class, one wears a leotard. Those leave NOTHING to the imagination. You're put in a room with wall to wall mirrors, and expected to watch yourself! Plus, the class is made up of all these skinny mothers... ugh!

There's so much more weight to move around, and I don't move it well. Plus, I'm just big. My arms are fat, there are fat rolls under the spandex. It's painful to watch myself in the mirror.

Maybe I should skip dinner for the next year... maybe that will help. Well... no... that won't help. The exercise of ballet class will help. Working out when I get home will help. And eating sensibly will help.

And maybe not wearing my glasses in class. I look thinner when blurry!

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