Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adventures in Apartment Living

In many apartments there are these odd Washer/dryer sets. The washer is on wheels, and connects to the kitchen sink. The dryer is on this rig... set above where the washer is stored. This means that when you do laundry, doing dishes just doesn't happen. I had to make dinner before I caught up on Last Week's laundry... so yeah... the kitchen was a little scary this morning. That means before I head out to my semi-monthly Tuesday date I must work on that!

I was thinking deep thoughts about what it would take to make me feel stable and comfortable... and the answer involves money... *sighs* I have the partner (with no intention of trading him in). I'd like a stable job, but if I could pay off my car, and find a home (bought and paid for) I'd be in bliss. Now we all know that this requires me winning the lottery. I need to play this week! I think that having a stable home that won't be pulled out from under me would make me happy. Unfortunately that requires the job I don't have... a Credit Score that requires said job to fix.. or winning the lottery (I have a better chance of getting struck by lightening.

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