Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More riots in the Middle East

I missed most of the news this morning, but caught the tail end of a report about an Ambassador in Libya being killed in rioting.  By the time I came in, fingers were being pointed, and I was confused.

But this is what I understand to have happened:

  1. Some Americans made an awful, distasteful, hateful movie (which kinda is their right... 1st amendment and all....).  Should they have made it?  Hell no. From what I'm reading, there's NO way it wouldn't piss off a large portion of the population.
  2. There's rioting in Cairo and Libya.  Embassies were stormed.  A rocket attack in Libya killed people.  Was this response a bit much?  Oh hell yes.  The government didn't make this crappy movie.  
  3. I've heard rumblings that people are pissed that the military hasn't moved in and turned the cities to rubble.  Wow... Now sending in troops to secure the building, sure... Leveling the country?  Wow, a bit much.
Things like this just sadden me.  Wrongs were done on both sides.  Things were blown out of proportion.  It's just not good.

But from this, and from conversations with experts, I've learned a few things:
  • Islam isn't evil.  For everyone that is now saying this this whole mess is Islam's fault. 
  • Fundamentalist Religions (Christian AND Islam) are more alike than different.  If they'd stop putting blinders on and actually looked at the other side, they'd see this.
  • These problems are caused by people that REFUSE to follow the Golden Rule.  It's there in Islam as well as Christianity.

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