Friday, September 7, 2012

Can it be 5pm already? Please?

Thanks to some very severe itchy eyes I took benedryl last night.  I'm paying for it now.

But let me back up!

Yesterday was my dance class.  Oh, I was hurting after.  At choir practice, I realized that I had over-strained my chest muscles (the ones you need to breathe) and singing was painful.

I got home, it was late.  The dog was whiny, and I thought it was because she wanted us t go to bed!  Well, we did.  I took benedryl for my insanely itchy eyes and settled in.

After laying around for a while, a thought accrued to me.

Me: Honey?
Spousal Equivalent: *sleepy*  huh?
Me:  Did you feed the pets Sneaky Snack?  (my name for the pets 8pm snack... that lets the humans sleep past 3am)
SE:  that's your job...

Upon hearing the words "sneaky snack," Misty created a sonic boom as she broke many land speed records getting to the bedroom door.  I had forgotten the snack!

So, with drugs in me, I slept like a log.

And woke like a zombie.

Benedryl is great!  But man, it kicks me ass all over town!

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