Friday, September 21, 2012

The return of the GleeCap!

I can't believe I missed this last week.

So last week, it's the beginning of school, and the Glee kids are popular!

And with popularity comes the meanness.  The season opened with the veteran kids being rather mean to the new kids.  (Like many typical high school popular kids are).  The new kids being:  Unique/Wade (owns the heels like no woman can) and Marley (daughter of the lunch lady).

It made me uncomfortable.  It looked like it made them uncomfortable too.

The veteran kids finally told off the popular bunch.  Watch the popularity of the Glee kids sink.

Yesterday Brittany hit rock bottom... while singing Brittany Spears... It was odd.... I get that the kids want Brit to feel good.. but man.  Lipsyncing?

So.. here's what we have:

  • Rachel- having a HARD time of it in NY.  
  • Kurt- Left Ohio to join Rachel.  Everyone agreed that he was too fabulous for Ohio
  • Blaine- Going it alone, for now
  • Brittany- Actually is going to try to graduate
  • Tina- Broke up with Mike.... they need to write the girl some personality
  • Wade/Unique- I'm SHOCKED he ins't slushied more.  But good for him/her!
  • The Puckerman Bunch- Yes.. buck's dad sired a bunch of kids.  Are we surprised?
  • Cassandra July-  She was such a bitch during the first episode... until the Spousal Equivalent figured it out.  She's a little resentful of the kids doing what she couldn't.  She's also preparing them for the harsh reality of Broadway 
I'm curious about Finn..... hows's he handling the army?

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