Thursday, September 6, 2012

I don't suck as much as I thought I did!

I got on the scale today and it said I had gained some weight... again.  (It's not THAT much... but the numbers were going in the wrong direction)

So I told myself... Self, you can do this!  You need to drink more water (I've been seriously slacking on that).  You need to track meals before you eat them, to see if you have room for a small dessert (Some days I actually have the points left for a low calorie sweet treat!).  You need to make sure you have salad fixings to munch on when you're hungry and making dinner.

Then I did some math.

Even with the gain, I'm down an overall 15.2 pounds.

That's nothing to sniff at.  That was a hard won 15 pounds.

My goal now is to lose a half pound between now and next week at this time.  The above advice will help.

As will my dance class today.

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