Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 years ago...

I was woken by this simple sentence.  "A plane hit a building."

My first thought?  In San Diego?  Well, that doesn't surprise me.  If you've flown into San Diego... you know what I'm talking about.

Then I found the truth.  We watched the TV in stunned silence.  I found out that my dad was supposed to be in Building 4 for a meeting.  He missed his plane.  A friend of mine used to go to work via the WTC Subway stop.  He was ok.

After 48 hours I was desperate for something other than the news.  I was numb to the news.  Desensitized.  I remember hearing that Blockbuster had a record number of rentals that week.

That was also the week that the country went crazy.  Sikh men were harassed in record numbers, all because people are dumb that assume that turban equals Islam.  The message from millions of Americans was clear:  Islam is evil.

Which we all know is crazy.

If we are to judge the many on the acts of a few... you'd have to judge the whole of Christianity on the acts of the Waynesboro Baptist Church.

There still is way too much hate around.

What am I going to do to mark the day?  I'm going to run errands at work.  I'm going to pick up my Dalai Lama tickets.  The Spousal Equivalent'scar died, so I'm going to wait for him to pick me up.  I'm going to go to dance class.

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