Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let's play a game...

Things I will never buy!!

Oh, I loves me some online window shopping.  Thankfully, I rarely buy anything.  My bank account is very pleased by this.

My vice?  For most women it's shoes.  Me?  Purses!

My current love?  The Chocolate New York line from Target.

Seriously!  They have some killer work totes!

A cool work tote

A Navy Satchel, I like this for work
A grey Tote for work
I like this for a weekend bag

Will I buy any of these?  Probably not.

I'm not the only shopper in the family.  The Spousal Equivalent was at pet smart and found these costumes for Misty:

A Wiley E. Coyote style rock


Which one would you get?

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