Saturday, September 8, 2012

I have a new Shiny book!

I ordered an Arc customizable notebook from Staples.  Mainly because I wanted a Levenger Circa notebook, but refused to pay the price.

Why did I want this?  Well...

  1. I love paper agendas, but wasn't a fan of a bulky binder
  2. It looks more professional that what I had
  3. The hole puncher, while a tad expensive is easier to use than punching holes by hand.  And I think things lay more securely in the book
  4. I make my own planner pages (as seen at the right)
I ordered a pink, junior sized book with a hole punch.  I then punched new holes in my planner pages that I made, and the month tabs that I had purchased previously, The result is slimmer than my other binder, and fits in my purse easier.

Plus... it's pretty

And with the hole punch already purchased, I can go back and buy a letter sized notebook someday if I wanted.

I totally recommend this!  Especially to people like me, who make their own planner pages!!

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