Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dance Class thoughts on a slow morning

When I was in college (as I do now) I wore glasses.  I didn't have contacts, though.  So when I took class, I simply danced without.  My vision wasn't terrible enough that I was helpless without the glasses.  Everything was just blurry.  I got out of the habit of looking at myself in the mirror.  (Dancers use the mirror not for vanity, but to make sure their technique is good, and check body alignment.

I remember looking at myself in the mirror in college and thinking of fat I was.

Fast forward 15 years.  I'm now 40 pounds heavier (it was 50.. I'm getting there!).  I'm shocked that I ever thought that about myself way back then.  In college the thoughts abut my weight were vanity.  Now it's all about health.

So Thursday I sat in class, looking at all these thin young things.  It made me feel about 80, especially given the fact that I'm still sore.  I know, time and practice will cure that.

I'm a work in progress.  I'm getting healthier and stronger.  And now, hopefully, more graceful.

But today, I'm going to clean my kitchen, clean the bathroom, then take a nice bubble bath and work out some of this soreness.

I'm also window shopping for Hello Kitty items on Hot Topic: Belts, socks, and A sweater I MUST own!

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