Monday, October 13, 2014

You win some, You lose some

This afternoon was a win!

Why?  Well, other that it being oppressively hot for this time of year, it was also the Employee Appreciation Carnival.

And they had an adult bouncy house!!

Actually, it was like an obstacle course.  Like a REALLY padded Ninja warrior course...

I did it 3 times!

I even tried the climbing tower!  I got halfway up before the heights got to me!

I was a hot, sweaty mess, but man did I have fun!

Those lose some:  There no way I'm winning this DietBet.  I was SO close for the last round, this round I can't seem to manage it.

I've just been feeling off in general.

I read this article, and something clicked.  I'm working on the stress, and the sleep.  The water is an eternal battle.  But the last two made me pause.  Now before you go start saying that I have to give up everything fun in my life (dairy, meat, sugar), that's not going to happen.  I'm working on my portion size.  It's a battle of mine.  But I do want to add a probiotic to my daily regimen.  I have a coupon AND one is on sale at Target.  I also need to look into adding more fiber.  it's supposed to keep you fuller, longer.

Unfortunately, the last two require money.  Money is tight these days.  Do this weekend's fun is going to be substituted for my health.

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