Friday, October 10, 2014

'Tis the Season

I have a December birthday.  What does that mean?  It means that the questions will start coming:  What do you want for your birthday and Christmas?

I've been thinking about that.

And the answer is... I don't really want "things."

I have a house full of stuff.

Now I've expressed desire for the Toothless Build a Bear and the world's most perfect sweater, but do I really need them?

Not really.

All in all, I haven't been buying many physical objects of late.  (with the exception of running gear.  I've been trying to build up my running gear)  I download audio books.  I stream movies and shows from Amazon Instant Video.  I buy the occasional treat from Food Ireland and Trader Joe's.  I sign up for races.

After living in a few different homes over the last few years, I've become to learned that I don't need much in terms of "things."

What I want for Christmas this year:  The ability to pay for my races.  The ability to pay for a Disney vacation (to run the Princess Half). The ability top pay to go to Diagon Alley.  People to go with us to Christmastown (We're home for the holidays this year and no one is visiting).  being able to pay for healthy groceries would be a plus too.

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