Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween, as an adult

As a kid I wanted with anticipation for Halloween.

Now?  It's a day that makes the dog go crazy!  (most dogs have issues with Halloween, FYI)
from Hot Topic

This year there is a big to do at work.  But I'm still dressing up.  I'm dressing up as a student.

A Hogwarts student.  I bought the sweater a size too big, but I'll make it work.

(I'm getting into the spirit today by wearing TFIOS earrings)

There's a plan to hit up the Rocky Horror Picture Show later on Friday night.

But hey... candy goes on sale on Saturday....

But it's at 11.  And I'm old (and sick.  I've been sick all week)

In the scary news:  I have a half marathon in a week and 2 days.  I need to get back out running, but have been exercising with Just Dance 2015.  It's not bad.... but there are aspects from the last few games that I wish I could mesh together.

I miss the sweat mode from JD 4...

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