Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Puppies are messy business

Puppies don't sleep in.  At least ours doesn't.

If I decide to sleep in, I know I'll have a surprise waiting for me.  I'm a lazy pet parent, hence the pee pee pads in and around our bedroom.  But sleeping in on a weekend can lead to other surprises to clean up.  This weekend I cleaned up a few surprises.  One such surprise came about because my genius puppy forgot to potty in her excitement that there was a cat outside.

The best thing anyone has ever gotten for me was our Bissell rug cleaner.

I only mention this because this morning I was a good pet parent and took the pup out early.  Instead of running my usual run, I walked it.  With Misty.  She doesn't like walking the Spousal Equivalent to the bus stop anymore, and I've been lazy, so she hasn't gotten out for more than short walks.

Did I mention that there in just a few days until the half marathon??  Part of me is feeling rather confident.  The other part of me is terrified.

Though when I complete the challenge, and get my three medals, you bet your ass that I'm wearing those medals to work.

After I take a day off for a massage and couch time.

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