Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Back of the Pack Runners

We all know that I'm not the fastest thing on two legs.  I don't know if I'll ever be!  Most days I don't consider myself a real runner, since I walk during my races.

This is my philosophy:

My goal?  a 16 minute mile.  I'd like to keep a consistent 15 minute mile, though.

This summer I ran the Bay Days 8K.  I remember being alarmed when a race that had a 90 minute time window was going to have the awards ceremony after an hour.

What about those that couldn't finish in an hour?  I know they wouldn't get an award.... but would they be forgotten?

It seems that other people have noticed that at times the back of the pack people get forgotten.

Other people have noticed it too.  It started out with this blogger (who is normally speedy, but decided to walk the race), then others started speaking up: One example here
I still vividly remember my thoughts as I walked back tired and hungry that day. I’d just run an entire 10k and was on a super high at something that I had never ever done before. And I was let down by the racing community who indirectly told me that being that slow was no good to even receive the water and banana that I had paid for.

And here:
If the course is advertised to be open for 3:30 from the start then it should be open and fully supported for that time and any runners who fall behind should be picked up or checked on for safety. It’s not special treatment to support ALL the runners within the time limit advertised. 
I'm not a fast runner, and thankfully none of the Flat Out Events or J&A Racing runs have ever tried to pack up on the slower runners.

You know what?  The medals that I have won aren't participation medals.  They are finisher medals.  I've worked hard for each and every one that is on my wall.

Finishing is a HUGE accomplishment.  For me, it's more important than trying to be first.

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