Monday, October 6, 2014

2014 Crawlin Crab 5K and half

It happened folks!  The races are done!

On Saturday morning I ran the 5K.  Gail and I did, actually.  I had a slight personal best (Like by 20 seconds), but I ran the fastest mile split ever, at 13:22 minutes!

The course was nice and semi flat, but the volunteers were the most blase and uninterested ever!

 But for race organization, J&A totally win!

Sunday morning was a less rushed affair.  I got dropped off and immediately realized that it was COLD!  The car said it was 47 degrees.  And there I was in a running shirt and capris.

Unlike the 4 corrals for the 5K, there were 6 for the half.  It took almost 10 minutes for us to start the race.

I walked more of the race than I wanted to.  I did it all with my friend Renee.  It was our first half.  It was her suggestion that for the next half I set my timer to 1 minute of running and 3 of walking, and I think I'm going to try that!

The course was amazing.  We went through downtown Hampton, by churches were the parishioners came out to cheer.  There were marching bands and cheerleaders from Hampton University.  The volunteers and police were cheering us on.  heck, people sat in lawn chairs in their yard to cheer us on!

Can I tell you that having ports-potties at all the water stops was a god-send!!  Seriously!!  The curse of the small bladder came to haunt me during this race.

Mile 9 and 10 swung around Chesapeake Ave with views of the million dollar houses and the bay.  it was cool, sunny and breathtaking.  I was SO glad that I bought the $3 hat at the expo (it says Leukemia and Lymphoma society on it).

Around mile 12 my knees started to hurt.  Not my knees... the backs of my knees.  Mile 13 it was more than a little painful.

But I finished.  My goal was 3:30 hours and a 16 minute pace.  I ended up with 3:34 and a 16:24 pace.

And I'm ok with that.

Today the back of the right knee is painful and sore.  I have plans to ice it, sit with my feet up and to get a massage.

And do some laundry.

The next race is in a month... so tomorrow I try out some walking.  Hopefully I can run a bit next week.

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