Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's that time of the year!

I bought my first pack of pumpkin spice k-cups yesterday.  (Target's house brand, they are the best, in my opinion)  I also bought the Spousal Equivalent some pumpkin ice cream from Trader Joes as well.

Yes, it's trendy.. but I like pumpkin flavor, so I'll take it.

I ran today.  A bit...  I haven't felt all that well in a week or so.  Nothing huge.  Tummy issues and a headache.  I figure rest along with pain killers and maybe a probiotic might help this.

What I really need to do is shake the blues that have settled hard on me.

Not really the blues.  More like the blahs.

I tweeted this yesterday:
I got many responses, both on twitter and on Facebook.  Which warmed my heart!  Today I've been listening to a lot of Sutton Foster, both excited for and dreading the race this weekend.

Then I got a call.  I have a mammogram tomorrow.

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