Sunday, January 27, 2013

Random Facts About Me!

~ I have issue watching shows, mainly comedies, where a character is going to mess us horribly... They don't realize it, but the audience knows. Seriously, this cuts out most Ben Stiller movies and episodes of 1600 Penn

~ I love margaritas, but hate extra calories, so I mix my drinks with Diet Sprite. Yes, I made a margarita spritzer.

~ I'm enough of a light weight for that to mess me up.

~ unlike most women my vice isn't shoes. It's purses.

~ I've avoided using the yoga class groupon because taking class at a strange place terrifies me.

~ The main thing that terrifies me is that I'll be I appropriately dressed.

~ I eat the same thing for breakfast most mornings: oat meal

~ I've gained 5 pounds since Christmas. I'm terrified to step on the scale.

~ the more stressed I am, the less I want to clean my house. Since my office manager went on leave the house has become a mess!

~ I have a reoccurring dream about driving off a bridge. With the sudden storm, and ice, this weekend... That put a big crimp in my weekend plans

~ I know this was a good decision, because I'm not wracked with guilt about missing the party. Generally when I talk myself out of things because Social Anxiety reared it's head I'm sick with guilt the next day.

~I left early from work on Friday. 75% of the reason was to actually get the spreadsheet done. 25% was the impending storm. Such a good decision, it turns out!

~ I'm not ashamed that I record at least 2 shows a night.

~ Many of these shows are guilty pleasures.

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