Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bunheads Recap: I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky

The Episode begins with Michelle and Fanny prepping for a meeting with.... The accountant!  *cue ominous music*

In their defense, the guy was SSOOO clueless as to how to explain what they needed in terms they'd understand.

Well, Fanny and Michelle own a large piece of property, and somehow are finding themselves in business with Truely's sister...

Though, I think they should convert an out-building on the property into Sparkles.

Meanwhile, Melanie has rage issues, and Cozette thinks she should be a derby girl.  Heck yeah, is what the Spousal Equivalent said to that.

And it looks like things are to a head with Sasha and her family.  The house is packed, and Sasha is in denial.  Her mom, being self centered, is frustrated   (Though Sasha should have told her that she was back in town after Joffrey).  She goes to Michelle for help and guidance  something that Michelle is scared to give. it's clear that to Sasha, Michelle is the parent that she needs.

And the episodes ends with this, which is stunning.

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