Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Les Miserables: A spoiler-filled review (UPDATED)

We all know that this is the movie that I've been waiting for since I did this:

(There's a few moments of me in the video.  Can you find me?  I'm one of the dancers during the Bring Him Home solo... with a half gown ut perm.  Not my finest hour.)

Yes, it's been a while....

SO, now I've seen the movie twice... and I have thoughts:

Disclaimer:  I know this show WELL.  Like... REALLY Well....

  • In the realm of nit-picky:  There were bits of songs missing.  No bits from important songs... but bits of songs that I like (A Little Fall of Rain, Dog Eats Dog, Beggars at he Feast).  I can understand the cuts.. but I would have LOVED to see what Sasha baron Cohen would have done on those numbers
  • There were lines changed, which is to be expected.  But man.... can we have things rhyme.  It makes me twitch!
  • EXTREME CLOSEUPS!!!!!!  I admired teeth this time around.  Any closer and we can examine nose-hair and pores.
  • There were plot changes.  No major ones... but I suspect that the changes come from gathering material from the book.
  • Visually, this movie was AMAZING!!
  • The finale was supposed feature Fantine and Eponine singing and leading Jean Valjean to heaven.... well... we only got Fantine.  And I'm ok with that.  The story comes down to 2 people that make a HUGE impact on Jean Valjean's life:  Fantine and the Bishop.  I'm ok with no Eponine.
  • Javert pinning the medal on Gavroche?  Made me sob.
  • By the way... that kid that plays Gavroche?  Are we sure he's just a kid?  Because he was WAY too mature!  
Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway were AMAZING.  Seriously!  Eddie Redmayne surprised me.  I didn't know he could sing!  Russel Crowe and Amanda Seyfried were ok.... But I wish there was a bigger part for Aaron Tveit.   I heart him!

Watching this today, I decided that if there were to be a remake a My Fair Lady, Anne Hathaway should play Eliza Doolittle.  Who is with me?

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Diva Doodles said...

Annie as 'Liza! I'm IN!!!