Friday, January 18, 2013

Stress.... I haz it....

So, as we know, I'm doing 2 people's jobs right now.

On top of that, in October I forgot to forward email to people... which is making problems for everyone now.

And I feel sick about it.

But... I can't beat myself up about it.  Because I a.) don't have the time to beat myself and b.) I don't have the energy.

I have half an hour of work... then I can go home.  And try to shake this off.

But what I want is this:
and this:
and some of this:


Unknown said...

Don't beat yourself up sweetie, that's what I'm here for!

Uncle Wes

redheadedone said...

Disney fixes everything...and drunk Disney's even better! ;)

Sorry your day was stressful, hun.


Unknown said...

Meet me in Nashville next month and you can go get drunk in Disney with me. We are even stopping off in the Atlanta area to see a much loved and stressed Nikki. <3