Monday, January 7, 2013

Bunheads recap

Tonight's episode breaks down what this show really is, three sets of people and their intersecting lives.


Here she is, in all her broken glory. She's a back up dancer for an awful magician, and living on Talia's couch. She's clearly unhappy, and stuck in her misery.


She's lost. Completely lost. She's not teaching. She needs a change and simply can't figure out what it is.

The girls

They are apart. Bo's babysitting. Melanie is taking care of her grandfather. Ginny's selling houses for her mom. Sasha is supposed to be at the Joffrey. They were at a loss without the school. And Fanny. And Michelle.

Thankfully, it's Fanny that realizes this. She goes to Henderson to get Michelle. Michelle is convinced that things are broken. Fanny won't let her go; she's family now.

In the end, they need each other. And the kids need them.

And don't worry... Fanny will deal with the parents.

The episode made me happy. (Especially the hug from Sasha at the end)

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