Friday, January 25, 2013


Today is Friday.  Thank the lord!

I made arrangements to work from home this afternoon.  I had a large, important spreadsheet to get together, and couldn't seem to get it done AT work.  So I left at 2.

In the way home, I made a stop at the liquor store to get a bottle of pre-mixed Margarita.

Booze in hand, I left for home.  The sky was grey.  Flakes swirled in the air.  I could see the storm in the distance, cold and steely.

I got in, and got to work.  I called the Spousal Equivalent and made dinner plans.

He called back ten minutes later, saying that he's not making stops on the way home.  It was then that I looked outside:

Yes, that's snow.  It was only an inch deep, but the kids all over the apartment complex were out enjoying it.

I took Misty out to make some yellow snow, then came in to make coffee.

Now, all I need is the SE home, and I can settle in for the night.

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