Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday night unfun

It's after dinner, and the dog and I were walking to the back of the house, to get cool (it take over 2 hours to dry every load of wash. I seriously need a drying rack!

Misty and I are walking down the hall.....

....when I see a bug. A huge. Black. Bug. The kind I see once a year or such.

I scream, a loud, bloodcurdling scream, and proceed to run around the house looking like Shaggy running from a ghost.  I then grab the dog (who didn't save me from the bug, she just sniffed it) and stand in the kitchen, screeching for the Spousal Equivalent to kill it.

Thankfully the bug was dumb. And walked into the trap, which was the SE's foot. It was squished. The SE took out the trash (and the bug guts).

And I burst into tears.

I need ice cream now. Thankfully we have some. 20 minutes until the Golden Globe red carpet!

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