Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh, my happy place!!

Last night was the return of both Once Upon a Time and Downton Abbey!  Tonight is the return of Bunheads and Switched at Birth!

Thought, I decided that after watching formal dinner after formal dinner, I need to watch this show with wine, cheese and crackers.

Last night also the return of the Biggest Loser.  Honestly the Biggest Loser is a great workout motivator like Hoarders is a great housecleaning motivator.  (Well, for me it is)

So I got up and did a work out, I also promised the pup a long walk when I got home.  I looked at the workouts from last week, and planned the workouts for the rest of the week.  When I get home, I'll look at my food choices.  (My sweets this week:  clementine oranges!)

This morning's snack was a small thing of Greek Yogurt, and low-fat granola.  Hopefully that can delay lunch until well after noon.  I know I struggle with late day snacking.

Ok, back to work!

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