Sunday, April 22, 2012

Well I meant to buy work clothes...

I ended up buying stuff for the dog (food, a new harness, a toy and poop bags), bras, new coffee and hair dye.

I didn't find any clothes that I wanted.... At the time.. Though today's Target add has some sweaters I want, and there are black Capri pants at Wal-Mart....

The most meaningful thing that happened this weekend, involved me leaving the house. The Spousal Equivalent was out with his friend, so I was on my own. And I was invited to a party. *cue ominous music*. I haven't been to a party on my own since before we got together.

But I put on my big girl pants, got in my car and went. I was there until midnight. I think I earned a medal!

The other triumph? 7 loads of laundry. We still have 2 to go. I'll get that done over the week.

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Unknown said...

It was great to see you!