Friday, April 27, 2012

The Parties that Mark Changes of Life (caution: lots of bullet-ed ideas)

I read an interesting article, about baby and wedding showers, and where they fit in modern life.  Seriously, go read it.

It left me with many things to think about.

Bridal Showers:

  • I had a few, and since I was young and just starting out in life, and therefor had NOTHING, it was appreciated.
  • I'm not the fanciest of people, I didn't care about color schemes.  Dude, if you want to buy me towels, I don't care what color!  (I know, I'm like the anti-girly-girl in that respect).  The only registries they had at the time were at higher end stores, so we registered for some expensive stuff.  I wish we could have registered at Target.
  • I don't understand the concept of a shower, where all sorts of expensive things are registered for, when people have been living together for years and years.  Y'all already have all you need!  
  • Now, comes the uncomfortable truth.  Not everyone can, or wants to get married.  And in some marriages, there ins't a bride.  Yet, at times they need stuff!  What do we do then?  
Baby Showers
  • Now, we all know that I have issues with attending baby showers.  Seriously, I love your kids.  Just not in large groups!
  • That being said, I completely understand the necessity of baby showers!  Babies are expensive.
  • I'm not sold on showers for each kid you have.. unless there is a LARGE gap of time in between, or you had the surprise girl (or boy) among the flock of boys (or girls).  (I had a neighbor with a 16 year age difference between kids.  Yeah, that shower was NECESSARY!)
Now, what about all the people that don't hit those two groups?  People have are leaving a marriage, and have nothing.  People just starting out.  People that have no clothes, because they worked their butts off and lost a ton of weight.

I think that it is so easy to get lost in work, and family and life that you lose yourself.  You cease to be special, or feel special.  This is why I love birthdays.  It's one day that you can feel special, without having a kid or getting married.  It's a day that people can say "thank you for being you.  We appreciate that you are here."  People need to hear that.

Now, I think that in life everyone needs a leg up.  Here are some ideas to help
  • I was handed a box when I moved in.  It was kitchen things.  I think every community needs this box!  You add to it (a few plates here, a pan or so there)and pass it on to someone moving out on their own.  You take what you need, and add what you don't need.
  • Clothing swaps.  Losing a bunch of weight means you need clothes that fit.  Why not get the ladies, or gents, together to swap sizes.  People what clothes they want, and get rid of what they don't.
Everyone needs help.  Everyone deserves to feel special.  

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