Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GleeCap: Big Brother (and a dash of Smash)

Now we know Quinn's fate.  She's in a wheelchair.  She says it's not permanently paralyzed.  Artie threw a flag on that, thinking she's in denial.   As of now, we don't know the truth.  Quinn's condition could be temporary, it's a real possibility, and Artie could be projecting his issues on her.  Or Quinn could be the Queen of Denial (it's not just a River in Egypt).  Time will tell.

Sue pregnant... could she get any more unpredictable?  Take a mentally unstable woman and give her pregnancy hormones.  I'd hide.  But it was sad hearing that the tests indicated abnormalities.  I believe they hinted strongly that her child is going to have Down's Syndrome... without ever coming out and saying it.

Now onto Smash:  I KNOW that this investor thing is going to end badly.  And I also have a strong feeling that the whole Rebecca Duval thing will also end badly.  But I'd love to know a.) What Ivy's up to, and b.) When Karen's going to get a cold bucket of reality dumped on her.

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