Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GleeCap: Saturday Night Glee-ver

This got interesting last night...

  • Sue.  I'm actually liking this bit of character development.  It seems like she's motivated by something that is way less than crazy.  She wants to be a sole coach of the Cheerios.  No revenge.  No need to destroy.
  • The future.  Finn studying acting... ok...  The Actor's studio only grants MFA's, but I can let that slide.  Santana wanting to be famous?  I can buy that.  But I am glad that she got a cheerleading scholarship so she can get a degree.  We all can't be Kim Kardashian.  But Mercedes... she needs a fall back plan or something....
  • Where was Quinn???
  • Unique... oh how I loved it.  I must say, that was a BRAVE choice.  I don't know (and I don't think Wade/Unique knows yet) if he/she is transgender.. or bigender.. or whatever.  But I must say, it's a new territory.  And the number was EXCELLENT!

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