Saturday, April 14, 2012

What an interesting weekend... And it's only Saturday!

I took yesterday off to get the computer room cleaned. Friday started out good. I gathered up 5 bags to give to GoodWill. I also went to see if I could refinance my car loan. I can't... But it'll be ok.

I picked up something for lunch and was on my way home when the Spousal Equivalent called. He was getting out of work early! Well, part 2 of the cleaning quickly got tabled.

We went to Target to get some use out of my 10% off deal. I have new flip flops and a memory foam pillow!

Today the order of business is putting away 3 laundry baskets of clothes and washing dishes. Tomorrow I have to do some wash and pay some attention to the bathroom.

Why all this attention to cleaning? Well, firstly, the apartment needs it. Secondly, my mom is visiting in June.

Now I wait for The Bloggess to appear on CNN.

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