Saturday, April 14, 2012

Going Cableless

We've been talking about ditching cable for quite some time now. So I've been looking at what we watch, and where it's offered.

*we watch many shows that are available on Hulu.
*we also watch CBS and Logo programming, not on Hulu
*some of the Hulu programming we watch isn't on HuluPlus...

Based on that, I've made some decisions:

*a streaming device like a Roku box will get us some programming. Pairing that with Netflix and HuluPlus will make it a great device for the bedroom TV

*for the Living Room tv I'd like to keep the local channels, and add a small computer (like a NetTop) for Netflix/Hulu/other channel's websites.

Now mind you.... We're still talking and window shopping.... But it's an idea.

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