Monday, November 7, 2011

It's Monday again....

This weekend was... Interesting....

Thursday I had to have a chat with someone. They said: "It's it your fault, don't worry about it." So of course, I had a panic attack.

Friday was.. Friday. I worked, I came home. The Spousal Equivalent wasn't there. He went to an Anime Convention. I had a lot of time to think.... which is always a dangerous thing.

For your reference, I'm really good and thinking of the consequences of my actions. But.... I tend to focus on the most outrageous one, and make it a hundred times worse. So by the time I heard from him on Friday night, I was sure that he'd find a younger, thinner, smarter, anime-loving version of me. *sigh* Well, he didn't, and I settled down with Regency House Party for the night.

The next morning I watched Manor House (can you tell I'm on a historical reality TV kick?), and worked from home. A quick trip to the store brought me gourmet pizza and Ben and Jerry's. I was ready to settle in with some movies when friends called asking me to Babysit. (And by babysit, they meant make sure the house doesn't burn down. The child was already in bed when I got there.). So I watched Disney movies on their HD tv. Animation in HD? Awesome!!

Sunday the SE came home, and I taught Religious Education. We took advantage of a sale at Bath and Body Works, then came home with lunch and dinner and settled in for the night.

Today I had to hurry up and scan stuff that I didn't know needed to be scanned! Hours of this... what a lovely way to start my week. Is it Friday yet?

In other news, I need to buy a pet step. The Misty hurt her front right leg... again... jumping off the sofa. She'll be ok, and she doesn't act like she's in that much pain. But I think it'll be a quiet night of snuggles for that pup tonight.

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