Monday, November 14, 2011

Why am I the only one that gets this way??

I'm not a marathon runner, or anything. But I'm decently in shape. But something has kicked my ass, but good! It's allergies.. but I don't know what to!

I've always had issues with allergies but most of them went away after moving to Virginia. Well, five years in, the allergies are back with a vengeance. I've already sucked one inhaler dry, and am working on inhaler #2. I get winded walking up stairs and I don't have the energy to take the dog out.

And I should be exercising. Well, after I'm drugged up with benedryl, and listening to myself wheeze, it's not overly fun.

I'm also now left in a catch 22. The house needs to be cleaned thoroughly. BUT... the process of cleaning, and the dust that's kicked up will make the allergies worse!


My plan now is to dust as best I can, have the Spousal Equivalent vacuum, and hope we get enough Christmas money for an air purifier for the living room.

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