Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Leftovers

I haz them!

It was an interesting week.

My vacation started on Wednesday. I went to the DMV (record time in and out), then to Bella Cakes to redeem a Groupon. While there, I was a taste tester for Raspberry Strudel cupcakes. Yummy!

Thursday found us eating at House Awesome. I think I ate a record small amount of T-Day dinner. We then went home, and looked at the Black Friday sales. A kind soul bought the Harry Potter set for us while she was there.

Today was really low key. I'm watching the Glee Project. I sent the Spousal Equivalent out for pizza. We're going to a "Turkey Day Leftover Party" tomorrow... where I'll eat my leftovers. I don't want to eat them now!

Tonight there's a slew of chick flicks on cable. Tomorrow laundry, groceries and a party and Sunday meeting a friend and getting ready to get back to work.

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