Monday, November 14, 2011

Black Friday

People that work in retail shudder at the mention of it. Bargain hunters love it.

Black Friday!

Now, I know that people hate it. Find it immoral, or unethical or whatever. Most years I try to avoid it. But our old bulky TV is about to die... and if I can get a new one for under $300, I'll risk it! (I know.. we're supposed to buy local... but this sadly is too big ticket of an item).

I've done a few Black Friday sales. In 2005, I stood in a long line to buy a $500 computer. It was orderly. Just tiring and boring. The next year I was sent to Wal Mart to buy sheets. I stood next to the covered display with a dozen women. And we made a plan. We discussed what we were looking for, and planned to toss those items in the appropriate direction. Unfortunately some people muscled in and took most of them. I was pissed.

Years later I needed an external hard drive, so a friend and I went to Target to stand outside in the rain. She got toys for her daughter, I picked up the hard drive.

This year I need to look at the sales... and talk things over with the parental units. Maybe Christmas can come early this year?

Hey, a month early... but saving $200 might be worth it!

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