Friday, November 4, 2011

Adventures of being a Fur Parent

Yesterday, my Misty went in to have her teeth cleaned. Now, for humans this is no big deal. For little dogs, this is HUGE!

  1. Misty HATES the vet. They've cut her open, shoved stuff up her butt, poked her with needles and put stuff up her nose. In her words, they are EVOL!
  2. The pet nurse that checked us in was a large man. She's not a fan of guys, so getting her in there was difficult.
So she went. I cried. It was pathetic. The Spousal Equivalent picked her up. and my bouncy Mistygirl, was very sleepy on the ride home. Thanks to the anesthesia.

We was supposed to be given some water before the food. To see if she kept it down. Well, stubborn-butt wanted none of that! she wanted food! That's when I got smart. I took a cereal bowl and filled it with water, and a tiny scoop of food. Well, it worked. She ate the food and then finished the water.

This morning the pup is grumpy. I suspect she's hung over.

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