Wednesday, November 16, 2011

GleeCap: Mash Off

We learned some important information during last night's episode:
  • I don't know who pissed off the wardrobe people... but man... they put Kurt in some weird stuff.
  • Quinn is headed for a severe meltdown. She bases her self worth on all of these external factors: Her Cheerleader status, her relationships, Prom Queen, and now being a mother. She's going to frame an innocent mother just to get her baby back. And I honestly don't think she wants to be a mother. I think that Quinn has decided that's what she needs to be happy. But we all know that it won't make her happy.
  • Puck. *sigh* We all saw it coming. It's going to be disastrous.
  • Santana. Honestly, this was a long time coming. Seriously, why did you try to one-up the person that knows your big bad secret. (Well, it's one of the worst kept secrets ever... but we all knew that.) She let the verbal barrage fly so hard that all he was left with was exposing her poorly kept secret. And as much as I disagree with publicly outing someone... he was right. And those words needed to be said.
Now..... with New Directions and the Troubletones competing at sectionals.... did the rule about having a dozen members get forgotten?

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