Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm thinking that I need to send this to Ellen...

Dear Ellen,

I must say, I love your show.  I record it every day, and watch it the following morning as I get ready for work.  The day before Thanksgiving this year I sat down to catch up on some episodes of your program.  The dog and I were all cuddled on the sofa, and the Spousal Equivalent was in the computer room.... doing whatever SE's do.

I watched the story of the Johnson family.  It brought me to tears.  In fact, most of the stories of the families that you help leave me a sobbing teary mess.  The dog tried to lick the tears away, and bark at me (to get me to stop crying and pet her).  The Spousal Equivalent came out from the computer room to see what was making me cry.  He simply laughed and shook his head after hearing the story.  (I have a history of crying at the Christmas Folgers commercials too.)

Why did it leave me a sobbing teary mess?  Because I have a similar story.  I had a home foreclosed, a marriage end, unemployment benefits that were exhausted.  I lived paycheck to paycheck, praying that this temp job or begging and borrowing would help me make the rent, or pay for a doctor.

Thank you for giving us hope.  I found my job and am slowly clawing my way back from debt.  I still have an irrational fear of not being able to afford the rent, but that hasn't happened yet.

Thank you for making us all laugh, and for sharing the inspirational stories that move me to tears.  And thank you for the hope.

The Nerdy Secretary

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