Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weight Watchers

After my windfall of a found savings bond, I bought 13 weeks of Weight Watchers meetings. I have learned a few things: (I love bulleted lists! So sue me!)
  1. Wow, I'm fat. Like seriously! I was displeased with that number. I need to make sure it goes down.
  2. I didn't realize that to properly do the program, you needed to like, buy a whole lotta stuff. I just blew it all buying the meetings! *sigh* I'll have to make due with what I have for now.
  3. I love the concepts of eat smart and move more. I also like how they said to not deny yourself... just do over do it.
  4. I'm a hole punching, put it in a binder person. All of these little booklets are annoying. I see much ripping and hole punching in my future. Why don't they have these materials in a standard refillable journal format? Oh, I know.. to get you to buy more. *eyeroll*
I have the pedometer on, and here I go.

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