Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weight Watchers.... and stinky timing...

So I started on Weight Watchers soon before a Retirement Reception (that I KNEW would yield leftovers for me) and Easter.... Silly me!

This week has kind of been pretty awful for the watching what I eat. I've been good, but I can do better. It's also been all sorts of up in the air, for a variety of reasons. Today we help a friend move, tomorrow is my meeting, Thursday is both choir and a chiropractor appointment. It's just one of those weeks. Actually, lately most of our weeks have been like that.

It was mentioned at last week's meeting that what is done, is done. I over ate at both Easter and the Reception. It's over. I can't undo it, or should I kill myself with guilt.

Starting Friday: I clean. I have one last room to spring clean! Also starting Friday, I plan healthy meals, and try my damnedest to get some exercise.

Today is physical exercise, possibly pizza, and Glee. Tomorrow is another day.

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