Thursday, April 28, 2011

Politics today is simply awful.

Way back when, people used to be taught good sportsmanship. If you lose, lose gracefully. Don't yell and scream and say you were cheated.

Politics have been unsportsmanlike for most of my life, and it makes me sick. I understand that you may not be happy with who won. You can't make everyone happy. But to pout about it, call the president a fraud, or to legally contest the election, that is simply childish.

Look at what is going on now. We have democrats in Wisconsin that instead of fighting the good fight, took their toys and went home. We have republicans that will hold their breath and fight legislation until someone they like is in office. We have "birthers" that are calling the President a cheater. (Besides, the law states that if you're born abroad, to a US Citizen.. you're a citizen! Even if he WAS born in Kenya, he's still legit)

I really don't think these people realize that the whole lot of them are acting like kids that lost a game of touch football. It's really sad to see.

Can we all just get back to the truly important things? Like war, fighting poverty and hunger, and education reform? Or are those things less important than a piece of paper?

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