Friday, April 15, 2011

And another thing....

(I know, I'm getting wordy today).

I was thinking about church today (as you can tell). The one thing that UUs know, it's committees! I'm sure even the Unitarian Jihad has it's committees. I was thinking... where DO I fit in the fellowship?

  • There's a group for people looking for work. Thank all the powers that be, I don't need that.
  • There's a group for Young Adults. Well, I'm well out of the Young Adult range... but they say it's ok....
  • Most of the people my age have kids. I'm SO not a mom... so no Mommy group for me.
  • Link
  • I'm not a belly dancer, a softball player, a lover of poetry, in fact... I'm not that intellectual, or even that deep a person.
I joined the chorUUs, it was the best fit.

But I'm still waiting for the UU "Nerd and Geek" group. Those are my people!


Amanda said...

So start one!

Andrew said...

What sort of things would the UU "Nerd and Geek" group do? :)

Meari said...

I really don't know.... hence the not starting anything.. or even trying to.