Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A new week....

The weather turned on the area over the weekend. Saturday brought cloudy skies, rain, and eventually tornadoes. Sunday, and since then it's been sunny and warm. Finally spring. This means I should be taking my dog on longer walks.

The main thing I need to do is kick my own but and get some stuff done. I need to put away laundry, and put boxes in my closet. I HAVE to. I just need to find the motivation.

Tomorrow I start Weight Watchers. It's something that I know has to be done, but it terrifies me. I've always had issues with going out into a new situation (thank you social anxiety), but I'm terrified that I'll fail.

My Misty doesn't feel well this morning. She didn't want to eat her breakfast. I could hear her tummy growling. After going outside to eat some grass, she managed to eat, then chase the cat. I really wish I could be home, reading a book with her curled up on my lap.

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